Pelvic Organ Prolapse Correction Program

In less than two months, between December 24th 2016 and February 14th 2017, Khema Nepal and NMCTH’s POP program admitted 29 patients with advanced pelvic organ prolapse, provided surgical treatment to 23 women and non-surgical treatment to 6 women. The women have come from different districts in Nepal including Nuwakot, Rupandahi, Dhading, Saptaari, Kavre and Mustang.

Prevention Education and Women’s Reproductive Health Counseling Program

Khema Nepal is committed to seeing an overall decline in the number of women with pelvic organ prolapse. Since December 24th 2016, fifty-eight patients and caretakers have been counseled on reproductive health, nutrition and social and cultural barriers in Nepal that cause pelvic organ prolapse and prevent women from seeking care.

Khema Nepal’s Pelvic Organ Prolapse project is based in the maternity ward in NMCTH. We are working to develop materials for new mothers about pelvic organ prolapse and prevention to share with the women in this ward, as well as with new mothers in district hospitals and village health posts.

Alternative Treatment Option

Khema Nepal is exploring the possibility of offering Ayurvedic treatment for women with 1st and 2nd degree pelvic organ prolapse in collaboration with a local Ayurveda doctor who has successfully treated large numbers of women with the condition.